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Tantra in Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella

Madrid (34) 605 092 873 (WhatsApp)

Hotel Tantra, massage in hotel leader, specializing in tantric and erotic massage Madrid and Barcelona. Oriented massage in hotel sector, we offer a high quality of service, thanks to our experience and knowledge of tantric techniques.

If you are looking to achieve or enhance sexual arousal, the erotic massage with Hotel Tantra team is best option. Nowadays, erotic massage is used by some people as a part of sex, also as foreplay or as the final sex act. Erotic massages classically feature pressures in the erogenous zones of the body to increase sexual stimulation. Tantric massages and their use for erotic purposes also have a long history.

Unforgettable experiences in Madrid, Barcelona or Marbella. Erotic Massage for you! Just call!

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Historically, the word "tantra" refers to a collection of physical, psychic and spiritual knowledge and practice, originating in the area currently known as India. Its origins were lost, thousands of years ago during the dawn of civilisation. +

Aromatherapy Hotel Tantra


Never before have aromas been so important to the human race which has always believed in the use of lotions and perfumes, dating back to time immemorial. This was or is not pure vanity: aromas provide positive therapeutic and relaxing effects to whoever smells them. +

In your hotel

In Your Hotel

Why travel to a city you hardly know or waste your valuable time in traffic jams and traffic lights? After a hard day at work, a successful meeting or a tourist visit, you deserve to relax in the intimacy and comfort of your room. +